Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

After a ton of waffling about it, I finally picked up Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (man, that word looks way misspelled, but it's not) for the DS. Phoenix Wright is an adventure game in the old school point and click manner, more or less. You, of course, play as Phoenix Wright, a defense attorney fresh out of law school. Your first case? Defending your lifelong best friend in a murder trial. Of course, being a video game, court doesn't exactly follow real-world rules. As far as I can tell, defendents are guilty until proven innocent. In each of the three cases I've played (well, two, plus the one I'm currently on), the defendents are nearly claimed guilty due to lack of proof that they DIDN'T do it. Oh yeah, and there's no jury; the judge hands down the judgments. Anyway, from what I seem to recall, it's a port of a GBA game we never got here, with some minor DS functionality added. BUT WHAT FUNCTIONALITY! Yes, being a lawyer means one thing: yelling OBJECTION! in court. And you can do it! If you want, it's not required. The gameplay is pretty simple. You examine crime scenes by pointing at things and hitting a button. Most of the trials are just pressing the witnesses. Oh, another fun thing about the world of Phoenix Wright: the cops seem to actively ensure that defense lawyers get as little information as possible both from witnesses and crime scenes. The story's pretty good, and has plenty of humor mixed out. Quite a lot of puns with Phoenix's last name, but they tend to work.

Overall, it's a pretty fun game, but short on actual gameplay. I think the $30 I spent was probably a bit much, but not that much.

In other news, I got my Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin preorder bonus, but not the actual game, which is in tomorrow. I can't wait.

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney