Friday, November 17, 2006

PS3 release day

Today Sony released the Playstation 3, after a couple years of hype. I didn't get one. In some of the bigger markets, people have been lined up for days to get one. Here? Not so much. There were lines, but not nearly as long. I went to Wal-Mart last night, and the line was 15-20 people long at 9:30 PM. It was a 24 hour store, so they were going on sale at 12:01 AM. I could have gotten one if I felt like it, I think. That's one of the few nice things about this area -- there doesn't sem to be *quite* that many gamers. Case in point: I got Contact for DS a week after release, when internet people were having trouble getting it the day after. Still, it was fun reading about all the crap that happened to people waiting in lines for PS3s: robberies, shootings, and so on.

As it is, I'm not really interested in the PS3. The release titles don't interest me at all, and there doesn't seem to be anything I'm really interested in coming out for a few months in the least. Metal Gear Solid 4 and Final Fantasy XIII being the big ones. There's really nothing much more, since it seems like everything else is a shooter of some sort. The first-person type which I only like sometimes. My entire collection has maybe a half dozen FPS games, which I don't play terribly often. Anyway, the point is that I'm not really interested in it. Contrast that with the Wii where a large number of the games seem like things that are just fun. I know I'll be one of those dorks waiting in the cold at 9 tomorrow night.

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